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Common knowledge

Mamoru Kaneko and J. Jude Kline.
Thu, 2010-09-23
 These two dialogues are between two professional people on a new field called “epistemic logic and inductive game theory”. At the time of the first dialogue, one speaker is already a specialist and has been working in this field for a long time. The other is a game theorist, who is both younger and a novice in the field. Dialogue I takes place in January 2002: They start discussing the Konnyaku Mondô and find that it has many implications for the foundation and scope of game theory. Dialogue II occurs 8 years later following their development of inductive game theory. Now, they step back to recall what they did, as well as their trials and failures during those years. Moving forward, they discuss future research including a bridge between inductive game theory and epistemic logic.