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Money emotions

第19回VCASIセミナー「Outline of a Darwinian Theory of Money」

日本財団ビル3階 A会議室
Carsten Herrmann-Pillath(Frankfurt School of Finance and Management教授)
Building on Lea and Webley’s drug theory of money, the paper connects
different theoretical resources to develop a Darwinian theory of money.
The central empirical observation is the neuroeconomic result of the independent role of money as a reinforcer, which matches with a series of other insights into strong emotional impact of money use. Lea and Webley proposed that money piggybacks on a generalized instinct for social exchange. I put this into the more universal framework of the Darwinian concept of signal selection and Aunger’s theory of euromemes. This can be related to Searle’s theory of institutions, especially with regard to his notion of neurophysiological dispositions as a basis for rule-following. Thus, neuroeconomics and institutional theory can be put into one coherent framework of Generalized Darwinism, taking money and its emergence as a case study.

このたび東京財団仮想制度研究所VCASI(では,Witten / Herdecke University,Frankfurt School of Finance and Management教授のCarsten Herrmann-Pillath氏をお招きし,下記の要領で第19回