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Yuji Genda

Yuuji Genda

Research Category

Labor Economics

Area of Interest

Japanese Labor Market, Youth Employment, and Hope Studies

Recent Thoughts

Relationship between hope and society, the changing structure in the Japanese labor market and the Japanese employment system, and the ways to give hope to the people, especially the young people.


  • 玄田有史『仕事のなかの曖昧な不安-揺れる若年の現在』中央公論新社、2001年12月、254頁

  • 玄田有史『ジョブ・クリエイション』日本経済新聞社、2004年3月、368頁

  • Yuji Genda and Masako Kurosawa “Transition from School to Work in Japan,” /Journal of the Japanese and International Economies/ 15, pp.465-488, 2001.


Recent/Ongoing Works

  • 東大社研・玄田有史・宇野重規編『希望を語る-社会科学の新たな地平へ』、東京大学出版会、2009年4月、295頁

  • 玄田有史『人間に格はない-石川経夫と2000年代の労働市場』、ミネルヴァ書房、2010年2月、312頁

  • Yuji Genda, Ayako Kondo, and Souichi Ohta “Long-term Effects of a Recession at Labor Market Entry in Japan and the United States,” /Journal of Human Resources/ Vol.45, No.1 Winter 2010, pp.157-196.


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