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Akihiko Matsui

Akihiko Matsui

Research Category

Game theory, economics

Area of Interest

Disabilities, customs and norms , inductive game theory

Recent Thoughts

Recent Thoughts: People create their social images based on their experiences. Although this process is what distinguishes humans from animals, it is also the source of a variety of prejudices. I want to decipher this problem on a logical level using the structure of inductive game theory, and on a realistic/applied level through research into social disabilities. Combining these two approaches, I hope to establish a new academic field.


  • "Cheap-Talk and Cooperation in a Society," Journal of Economic Theory, vol.54, pp.245-258, 1991.
  • "Inductive Game Theory: Discrimination and Prejudices," Journal of Public Economic Theory, vol.1, pp.101-137, 1999 (with M. Kaneko).

Recent/Ongoing Works

  • “A Theory of Man that Creates the World,” mimeo.
  • “Abductive Inference in Game Theory,”(with T. Shimizu) mimeo.

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