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Akihisa Tamura

Akihisa Tamura

Research Category

Mathematical Programming

Area of Interest

Discrete Optimization, Discrete Convex Analysis, Game Theory

Recent Thoughts

Relationships between discrete convex analysis and discrete fixed-point theorems are not yet clear. I am interested in such relations and development of a new fixed-point theorem.


  • Iimura, T., Murota, K. and Tamura, A.: ``Discrete fixed point theorem reconsidered,'' Journal of Mathematical Economics, 41 (2005), 1030--1036.
  • Fujishige, S. and Tamura, A.: ``A two-sided discrete-concave market with possibly bounded side payments: An approach by discrete convex analysis,'' Mathematics of Operations Research}, 32 (2007), 136--155.

Recent/Ongoing Works


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