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Hisashi Ohtsuki

Hisashi Ohtsuki

Research Category

Mathematical Biology

Area of Interest

Evolutionary game theory, Evolution of Altruism, Evolution of Fairness, Social Behavior in Animals

Recent Thoughts

I am interested in the evolutionary origin of various social behavior in animals. My goal is to reveal the evolutionary process in which individual selection leads to collective cooperation in groups. I mainly study resource allocation behavior and coalition formation in primates, the preference for fairness in humans, and indirect reciprocity via social reputation. In particular, I wonder what factor makes humans distinctively highly social compared with the other species. I am also interested in mathematical aspects of evolutionary game theory and inclusive fitness theory


  • Antal, T., Ohtsuki, H., Wakeley, J., Taylor, P. & Nowak, M. "Evolution of cooperation by phenotypic similarity." Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (2009) 106, 8597-8600.
  • Ohtsuki, H., Iwasa, Y. & Nowak, M. A. "Indirect reciprocity provides only a narrow margin of efficiency for costly punishment." Nature (2009) 457, 79-82.
  • Ohtsuki, H., Hauert, C., Lieberman, E. & Nowak, M. A. "A simple rule for evolution of cooperation on graphs and social networks." Nature (2006) 441, 502-505.

Recent/Ongoing Works

  • Ohtsuki, H. "Stochastic evolutionary dynamics of bimatrix games." Journal of Theoretical Biology (2010) 264, 136-142.

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