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Ikuo Kume

Ikuo Kume

Research Category

Center for Global Communications, International University of Japan

Area of Interest

Labor politics, interest group politics, analysis of political processes

Recent Thoughts

In the world of politics, even after an “institution” has been chosen as an equilibrium, the “loser” does not necessarily adapt to that institution or disappear. In the future, I want to consider the significance of this situation for political analysis.


  • Disparaged Success: Labor Politics in Postwar Japan, Cornell University Press, 1998.
  • Thelen, Kathleen and Ikuo Kume, 2007,  “Coordination as a Political Problem in Coordinated Market Economies,” Politics & Society,19-1

Recent/Ongoing Works

  • How Interest Group Politics Falls: The Case of Japan
  • Taking Politics Seriously”in “Labor History Symposium: Mari Sako’s Shifting Boundaries of the Firm,” Labor History 42-2, 2008.

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