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Junko Kato

Junko Kato

Research Category

Political Science

Area of Interest

Comparative Politics, Spatial modeling in politics/Geometric modeling in human cognition, Behavioral (and Social) Neuroscience

Recent Thoughts

I have been specializing in comparative politics of democratic countries including Japan. I have just started to explore human behavior in collaboration with neuroscientists. I think it fortunate that we are able to combine academic achievements in different disciplines to advance our understanding on human behavior.


  • 加藤淳子「税制改革と官僚制」東京大学出版会、1997年。
  • Junko Kato. 1998. “When the Party Breaks Up: Exit and Voice among Japanese Legislators,” American Political Science Review, vol. 92, no.4 (December 1998): 857-870.
  • Junko Kato. 2003. Regressive Taxation and the Welfare State: Path Dependency and Policy Diffusion. New York: Cambridge University Press. 2003.

Recent/Ongoing Works

  •  Kato et al. 2009. “Neural correlates of attitude change following positive and negative advertisements.” Frontiers in Behavioral Neuroscience. Vol. 3. <>
  •  Junko Kato and Kentaro Yamamoto. “Competition for Power: Party Switching as a Means for Changing Party Systems in Japan,” Carol Mershon and William Heller eds., Legislative Party Switching and the Foundations of Party Politics, Palgrave Macmillan, 2009.
  •  Junko Kato and Kensuke Okada.“Euclid was sometimes an unnecessarily sophisticated social scientist: Geometric modeling of political difference” (under review)

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