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Kazuhiro Taniguchi

Kazuhiro Taniguchi

Research Category

Strategic management, institutional economics

Area of Interest

Comparative corporate governance, cognition and behavior, corporate boundaries and organizational architecture, comparative institutional analysis

Recent Thoughts

I think that notions of “strategy,” “organization,” and “governance” are the key to understanding corporations. And in order to understand such business institutions, we have to focus on the vision and strategic-decision of management, the patterns of interaction between stakeholders who constitute the corporation, and the capabilities developed and accumulated within the corporation. Applying the methods of comparative institutional analysis at the “ultra-micro” level and borrowing the power of case studies and text mining, I want to tackle a series of problems related to the diversity of governance systems in corporations, individual cognition and behavior within firms, and changes in corporate boundaries and organizational architecture.


Recent/Ongoing Works

  • Mark Fruin and Kazuhiro Taniguchi, Beyond the Wealth of Nations. in preparation

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