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Kazuhiro Ueda

Kazuhiro Ueda

Research Category

Cognitive Science, Intelligent Informatics

Area of Interest

Effect of individual creativity and social networks on innovation, Cognitive implication of embodiment in Japanese traditional performing arts, Cognitive basis of skill acquisition, Animacy perception

Recent Thoughts

We found that, in recent Japanese product development, some users actually provide ideas which led to a new useful product, by making such unexpected use of existing goods as their producers had never conceived: This phenomenon could be typically observed in the development of mobile phones in Japan; text-messaging service, camera phones and so on. We aim to clarify both the cognitive mechanism of individual users and the structure of social networks that enable such a style of product development. We also aim to address whether this type of product development is uniquely found in Japan or not.


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Recent/Ongoing Works

  • Fukuda, H. & Ueda, K. (in press). Interaction with a Moving Object Affects One’s Perception of Its Animacy. International Journal of Social Robotics.

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