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Kazuhito Ikeo

Kazuhito Ikeo

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Japanese economy, comparative theory of financial systems, corporate governance

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I was on sabbatical for the first time in a long while during fiscal year 2008, but I was drawn into a minor upheaval in the spring, and then the financial crisis reached a head during the summer, so I had to scrap my initial plans. On the whole it seems that economists get a thrill when economic crises occur, which reminds me of Richard Levin’s comment: “It’s interesting time.” I’m no exception, but exhilarated economists in the United States have been producing a vast amount of high-quality analysis at blinding speeds. In Japan, on the other hand, where we have seen nothing but incoherent arguments such as “market fundamentalism was a mistake,” and “this is the end of the American model of greedy capitalism,” I felt a sense of crisis that we will fall even further behind in our knowledge if this keeps up. Responding to these feelings of exhilaration and impending doom, I published a book with the help of Nobuo Ikeda. In the end, that was all I managed to do during my sabbatical.


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