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Kazuo Yamaguchi

Kazuo Yamaguchi

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Area of Interest

Social statistics, work and family, economic and social inequality

Recent Thoughts

Recently I have been analyzing ways to mitigate the speed of Japan’s declining birth rate and ways of achieving gender equality in Japan with work-life balance as the central concept, and I have also been making policy recommendations related to these issues. I would like to see those policies become as evidence-based and consistent with the understanding of human mind and human behavior. Furthermore, in panel data analysis, I plan to develop more advanced use of latent class variables than is presently being practiced, thereby providing a more vivid description of the relationship between social conditions and various aspects of people’s life choices and life stages that cannot be directly measured.


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  • Yamaguchi, Kazuo. 1992. "Accelerated Failure Time Regression Models with a Regression Model of Surviving Fraction: An Application to the Analysis of 'Permanent Employment' in Japan." Journal of the American Statistical Association 87: 284-292.
  • Yamaguchi, Kazuo and Linda Ferguson. 1995. "The Stopping and Spacing of Childbirths and Their Birth-History Predictors: Rational-Choice Theory and Event-History Analysis." American Sociological Review 60: 272-98.

Recent/Ongoing Works

  • Yamaguchi, Kazuo. Forthcoming. “Four Useful Finite Mixture Models for Panel-Data Analysis with a Categorical Dependent Variable.” Sociological Methodology 38.

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