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Keiichiro Kobayashi

Keiichiro Kobayashi

Research Category

Macroeconomics (theory)

Area of Interest

Collateral constraint and business cycles, financial crises, changing industrial structure and income disparity

Recent Thoughts


1. The Self-Referential Nature of Economic Systems

In the actual economy one often witnesses situations where a corporation’s stocks are held by another corporation (through a financial institution). This can be conceptualized as an example of self-referentiality (i.e., one business possessing another business). In an economy where corporate stocks function as collateral for loans of working capital, interesting phenomena develop, such as corporations with self-owning structures or an equilibrium that exhibits unlimited continuity.

2. The Effects of Stock Variables on Flow Variables

I am interested in the phenomenon wherein bad debt (a stock variable) has a negative effect on production (a flow variable). A change of industrial structure (from manufacturing to service-based industry) can also be referred to as a change in a stock variable, but I am currently wondering whether such change might increase dispersion of wage earnings (a flow variable).


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Recent/Ongoing Works

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