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Koichi Taniguchi

Koichi Taniguchi

Research Category

Philosophy of law

Area of Interest

The public sphere, Legisprudence, (suburban) communities and markets, finance and democracy

Recent Thoughts

For the last several years I have devoted a great deal of time to developments in the study of “Legisprudence,” and though I plan to continue that work in the future, my most recent interests are in, very broadly speaking, “globalization” and the various phenomena accompanying it. However, unlike many of the theories on globalization one encounters these days, I take the view that, while this trend cannot be held back (and can be affirmed), the “state” will continue to be as important as it was in the past. Based on this perspective, my specific research interests are in “the relationship between communities and markets” and “finance and democracy.” In regards to the former topic in particular, I plan to develop concrete arguments in several forthcoming studies, so please take them into consideration.


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