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Makoto Yokoo

Makoto Yokoo

Research Category

Computer science

Area of Interest

Mechanism design, artificial intelligence

Recent Thoughts

I feel that the various suppositions of game theory (e.g. the rational agent) are more suitable for applying to software (computing agents), which functions as a proxy for humans vis-à-vis computers, than to human beings. I am conducting research growing out of my interests in designing mechanisms within an environment where humans coexist with computing agents, and computer-aided mechanism design.


  • Makoto Yokoo, Yuko Sakurai, and Shigeo Matsubara, ``Robust Double Auction Protocol against False-name Bids'', Decision Support Systems, Vol.39, pp.241-252, May, 2005.
  • Makoto Yokoo, Yuko Sakurai, and Shigeo Matsubara, ``The Effect of False-name Bids in Combinatorial Auctions: New Fraud in Internet Auctions'', Games and Economic Behavior, Volume 46, Issue 1, pp. 174-188, 2004. 
  • ``Distributed Constraint Satisfaction: Foundation of Cooperation in Multi-agent Systems'', Springer, 2000.

Recent/Ongoing Works

  • Naoki Ohta, Vincent Conitzer, Yasufumi Satoh, Atsushi Iwasaki, and Makoto Yokoo, ``Anonymity-Proof Shapley Value: Extending Shapley Value for Coalitional Games in Open Environments'', Seventh International Joint Conference on Autonomous Agents and Multi-Agent System (AAMAS-2008), 2008.
  • Makoto Yokoo, and Atsushi Iwasaki, ``Making VCG More Robust in Combinatorial Auctions via Submodular Approximation'' Twenty-second National Conference on Artificial Intelligence (AAAI-2007), 2007.

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