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Mamoru Kaneko

Mamoru Kaneko

Research Category

Game Theory, Epistemic Logic, Social Justice

Area of Interest

Inductive Game Theory, Complexity of Logical Inferences, Social Justice, Emergence of Social Institution, Analysis of Housing Markets by Market Equilibrium Theory

Recent Thoughts

In epistemic logic, basic beliefs (knowledge) of players are simply assumed, and their sources cannot be discussed. Inductive game theory looks for their sources in experiences of players. Then, players may use deductive and inductive inferences from his experiences as well as basic beliefs; these processes involve many limitations. In order to study such limitations, I would like to develop a bridge between epistemic logic and inductive game theory so as to enable us to discuss concrete problems related to both.


  • 金子守著:『ゲーム理論と蒟蒻問答』日本評論社2003

  • 金子守著:『社会正義 地界で考える』勁草書房2007

  • Kaneko, M., and J. J. Kline, Inductive Game Theory: A Basic Scenario, Journal of Mathematical Economics 44(2008)1332-1363.


Recent/Ongoing Works

  • 金子守「地球時代の社会経済思想」(経済セミナー2008年12月号、45-52頁)

  • Kaneko, M., and J. J. Kline, Partial Memories, Inductively Derived Views, and their Interactions with Behavior. To appear in Economic Theory.

  • Kaneko, M., and J. J. Kline, Transpersonal Understanding through Social Roles, and

  • Emergence of Cooperation, University of Tsukuba, SSM.DP. 1228


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