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Masaru Kohno

Masaru Kohno

Research Category

Political science

Area of Interest

Theory of political processes and institutions, constitutionalism, methodology of the social sciences

Recent Thoughts

Constitutions in modern democratic nations are modeled on a variety of ideas devised by James Madison (later the fourth president of the United States) around the time of the Philadelphia Convention, which was held for the adoption of the United States Federal Constitution. However, political scientists today recognize several fundamental flaws in this “Madison Model.” I have been thinking about whether it is possible to overcome those flaws and how, in doing so, more desirable constitutions might be designed.


  • Masaru Kohno, Japan’s Postwar Party Politics (Princeton: Princeton University Press, 1997)

Recent/Ongoing Works

  • 河野勝編 『期待、制度、グローバル社会』(勁草書房 2009年)
  • 田中愛治・河野勝・日野愛郎・飯田健・読売新聞世論調査部著 『2009年、なぜ政権交代だったのか―読売・早稲田の共同調査で読みとく日本政治の転換』(勁草書房 2009年)
  • Masaru Kohno and Frances Rosenbluth, eds. Japan and the World: Japan's Contemporary Geopolitical Challenges. (New Haven: Yale University Council on East Asian Studies, 2009)

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