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Motohiro Morishima

Motohiro Morishima

Research Category

 Employment systems theory (Theory of human resource management)

Area of Interest

(1) the relationship of corporate HRM and worker welfare to corporate performance
(2) HRM mechanisms as interdependent systems
(3) the relationship between organizational justice and HRM

Recent Thoughts

The Japanese employment system is currently the subject of much debate. The efforts made by corporations to change the employment system over the past fifteen years have had an effect on the welfare of workers, and it seems that the long-term competitiveness of corporations is in danger of being lost. Furthermore, under the guise of shareholder sovereignty, the opportunity for the voice of the workers to be heard within the company has been lost. Yet it would be meaningless to merely return to the old system in order to solve this problem. With these issues in mind, I would like to reexamine Japan’s employment system.


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Recent/Ongoing Works

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