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Naotaka Fujii

Naotaka Fujii

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Area of Interest

Social Brain, Brain Machine Interface, Communication through virtual space

Recent Thoughts

Human intelligence that allows us adaptive social behavior is thought to be acquired through developmental process after birth. Understanding neural mechanism of the adaptive behavior is identical to understanding neural mechanism of communication. Revealing the mechanism requires bi-directional interaction between brain and external system that measure and analyze neural activity. Brain machine interface is essential technology for the purpose so that we have to apply the technology for establishing next generation of neuroscience.


  • Fujii N and Graybiel AM (2003) Representation of Action Boundaries by Macaque Prefrontal Cortical Neurons. Science Aug 29;301(5637):1246-9
  • Fujii N, Hihara S and Iriki A (2007) Dynamic Social Adaptation of Motion Related Neurons in Primate Parietal Cortex. PLoS ONE Apr 25;2:e397
  • Fujii N, Hihara S, Nagasaka Y and Iriki A (2008) Social state representation in prefrontal cortex Social Neurosci. May 23:1-12.

Recent/Ongoing Works

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