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Takenori Inoki

Takenori Inoki

Research Category

Theory of political processes and political systems

Area of Interest

Labor economics, democracy and the market, public versus private

Recent Thoughts

1) I am interested in the relationship between social scientific “micro level behavioral principles” and “macro level aggregative phenomena” and their asymmetric correlations, as well as the logical structure of the formation and destruction of social order.

2) The role played by intermediate organizations within a democracy and the positive and negative factors they contribute to order formation

3) Historically, how did the concepts of “public” and “private” form in all times and countries? And by what social conditions are those concepts constrained and regulated?

4) I wish to consider the efficacy of model analysis and the role of story-telling, referring specifically to both the division of labor and cooperation between literature and social science.


  • Aspects of German Peasant Emigration to the U.S.: 1815-1914, Arno Press, N.Y. 1981.
  • Skill Formation in Japan and Southeast Asia (co-authored with K. Koike), Univ. of Tokyo Press, 1991.

Recent/Ongoing Works

  • ”Two or three problems concerning social stability and our measures of welfare: What can economists learn from other social sciences?”, The Japanese Economic Review, Vol. 59, No. 1, March 2008.
  • ”New technology and demand for educated workers: The experience of Japanese manufacturing in the era of high-speed growth”, Journal of the Japanese and International Economics, 20, (joint with Y. Ueshima and T. Funaba), 2006.

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