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Tatsuyoshi Saijo

Tatsuyoshi Saijo

Research Category

Institutional engineering, experimental social science

Area of Interest

“Do Japanese people like to be spiteful?”; systems design in response to global warming; public goods supply theory and experiments; spiteful behavior at auctions; human behavioral analysis using fMRI

Recent Thoughts

Human behavior is a multidimensional (or infinitely dimensional?) thing, and the 20th century was a time when various fields approached the relationships between the many dimensions of behavior from the perspective of concepts particular to each field: “incentive” in the case of economics, “emotion” in psychology, “norms” in sociology, and “power” in political science. However, from the latter half of the 20th century up to the present day, we have begun to notice that human behavior cannot be elaborated or analyzed well using the “tools” of any one particular field. I have begun to search for a new approach to the analysis of human behavior that will provide a foundation for designing institutions that will function in natural and social environments experiencing drastic changes, including global warming.


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Recent/Ongoing Works

  • Shen, J., and T. Saijo, "Reexamining the Relations between Socio-demographic Characteristics and Individual Environmental Concern: Evidence from Shanghai Data," forthcoming in Journal of Environmental Psychology.
  • Saijo, T., "Spiteful Behavior in Voluntary Contribution Mechanism Experiments," forthcoming in Handbook of Experimental Results, Eds., Charles Plott and Vernon Smith.
  • Konow, J., T. Saijo, and K. Akai, “Morals and Mores?: Experimental Evidence on Equity and Equality from the US and Japan,” mimeo., December 2007.

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