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Tetsuji Okazaki

Tetsuji Okazaki

Research Category

Economic history

Area of Interest

Institutional and organizational economic history, comparative institutional analysis, economic development

Recent Thoughts

My research aims to understand the way institutions and organizations function in an economy as well as how they change, from a long-term historical perspective. Concerning institutional change in particular, I am interested in conducting analysis from an evolutionary perspective, looking at the function of changes in the behavioral attributes of corporations and individuals along with changes in demographic composition of those agents with each behavioral attribute.


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Recent/Ongoing Works

  • Yutaka Arimoto, Kentaro Nakajima and Tetsuji Okazaki, Aglomeration or Selection ?: The Case of the Japanese Silk-reeling Industry, 1909-1916, RIETI Discussion Paper, 10E-003
  • Tetsuji Okazaki , “Supplier Networks and "Supplier Networks and Aircraft Production in Wartime Japan, " CIRJE Discussion Paper F-605, Faculty of Economics, The University of Tokyo F-566Tetsuji Okazaki and Michiru Sawada, "Interbank Networks in Pre-war Japan: Structure and Implications" CIRJE Discussion Paper F-605, Faculty of Economics, The University of Tokyo
  • Tetsuji Okazaki, Asuka Imaizumi, Kaori Ito, "Impact of Natural Disasters on Industrial Agglomeration: A Case of the 1923 Great Kanto Earthquake" CIRJE Discussion Paper F-605, Faculty of Economics, The University of Tokyo F-602
  • Kozo Kiyota and Testuji Okazaki, "Industrial Policy Cuts Two Ways: Evidence from Cotton Spinning Firms in Japan, 1956-1964" forthcoming in Journal of Law and Economics
  • Tetsuji Okazaki, "Industrial Development, Firm Dynamics and Patterns of Productivity Growth: The Case of the Cotton Spinning Industry in Prewar Japan, 1894-1924" CIRJE Discussion Paper F-605, Faculty of Economics, The University of Tokyo F-562
  • Yutaka Arimoto, Tetsuji Okazaki and Masaki Nakabayashi, "Agrarian Land Tenancy in Prewar Japan: Contract Choice and Implications on Productivity” CIRJE Discussion Paper F-549, Faculty of Economics, The University of Tokyo, forthcoming in Developing Economies
  • Masaki Nakabayashi and Tetsuji Okazaki, "Role of Courts in Economic Development: A Case of Prewar Japan," CIRJE Discussion Paper F-517, Faculty of Economics, The University of Tokyo
  • "Economic Development, Income Inequality and Social Stability in Prewar Japan: A Prefecture-level Analysis," CIRJE Discussion Paper F-500, Faculty of Economics, The University of Tokyo
  • Tetsuji Okazaki, "Selection and Imitation in Institutional Evolution: Analysis of Institutional Change in Japan, 1960-1999", CIRJE Discussion Paper F-256, Faculty of Economics, The University of Tokyo
  • アブナー・グライフ『比較歴史制度分析』(岡崎哲二・神取道宏 監訳)NTT出版、2009年

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