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Toshiji Kawagoe

Toshiji Kawagoe

Research Category

Experimental economics

Area of Interest

Bounded rationality, social norm, philosophy of science, philosophy of language, disability studies

Recent Thoughts

I am conducting research on bounded rationality such as level-k model. Previously I was able to explain the truth bias in deceptive communication. In the field of disability studies, I am performing economic analysis of issues such as the provision of rational accommodation, basic income, and employment of the people with disability. I am examining institutions and norms in areas that are distinguished from the habits. Adopting a game theory, I am investigating whether people can recognize that others are following the same norms, and explanations for the phenomenon of norms functioning in ways that go beyond the intentions of the people who established them.


Recent/Ongoing Works

  • Toshiji Kawagoe and Hirokazu Takizawa "Equilibrium Refinement vs. Level-k Analysis: An Experimental Study of Cheap-talk Games with Private Information," Games and Economic Behavior, 2008
  • Yasuyo Hamaguchi, Toshiji Kawagoe and Aiko Shibata "Group Size Effects on Cartel Formation and the Enforcement Power of Leniency Programs," International Journal of Industrial Organization, 2008

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