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Toshio Yamagishi

Toshio Yamagishi

Research Category

Social psychology, experimental social science

Area of Interest

Psycho-institutional analysis, sociality of the mind, experimental social science

Recent Thoughts

I am planning experiments for the purpose of analyzing cultural differences in behavior and social axioms related to human nature and the functions of society, adopting a perspective of institutional adaptation. Despite the fact that the majority of “cultural differences of the mind” reported by cultural psychologists can be successfully replicated on a macro level (i.e. difference in equilibrium between cultures), analysis at the individual level shows absolutely no correlation between indices. Thus I am wondering which index should be used. This result seems to makes sense if you recall that institutions are macro variables, but it is difficult to choose indices that are suitable for use in actual experiments. For that reason, I have recently initiated a year-long research project in which I will have ordinary people participate repeatedly in various experiments. This project will place quite a burden on the young researchers on my team, but I believe that the rewards will be great as well.


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Recent/Ongoing Works

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