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Watanabe Takahiro

Takahiro Watanabe

Research Category

Game theory

Area of Interest

Auctions (especially multi-object auctions), real options in competitive situations

Recent Thoughts

【Practical approach】 Through my work at VCASI, I hope to gather practitioners from a variety of fields who face problems related to auctions and bidding, such as businessmen and those involved in public policy, and hold tutorials and conferences. While sharing their problems, I also want to convey to them, without using mathematics, the essence of mechanism design and auction theory.
【Theoretical issues】 Strategic quasisupermodularity (quasi-supermodularity), in the weak sense, is established in auctions dealing with a single object, allowing for the development of the theory of equilibrium analysis. I think it might be possible to apply this idea to multi-object auctions. I also want to develop applications for a Markov game with strategic fungibility related to models for evaluating investments in competitive situations.


  • "A Choice of Auction Format in Seller Cheating: A Signaling Game Analysis," (with Takehiko Yamato), Economic Theory, vol. 36, No.1, 57--80, 2008.
  • "The Investment Game under Uncertainty: An Analysis of Equilibrium Values in the Presence of First and Second Mover Advantage," (with Juinichi Imai), in Stochastic Processes and Applications to Mathematical Finance, (eds. J. Akahori, S. Ogawa and, S. Watanabe), 151-172, Scientific Pub 2006.

Recent/Ongoing Works

  • Existence of a Pure Strategy Equilibrium in Markov Games with Strategic Complementarities for Finite Actions and States (with Hideaki Yamashita)

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