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Yasuyuki Sawada

Yasuyuki Sawada

Research Category

Development Economics; Applied Micro-Econometrics

Area of Interest

Poverty, Official Development Assistance, Disaster Prevention

Recent Thoughts

Recently, I have been investigating poverty issues using micro-datasets from Japan and other countries in the world such as Pakistan, Sri Lanka, India, the Philippines, Vietnam, China, and Korea. My particular research focus is the nexus between a variety of natural and human-made disasters and people’s livelihood. Other research topics include suicide in Japan and the role of Japanese technologies in reducing poverty in Sub-Saharan countries in Africa.


  • Keijiro Otsuka, Jonna P. Estudillo, and Yasuyuki Sawada, eds., Rural Poverty and Income Dynamics in Asia and Africa, Routledge, 2009.
  • Yasuyuki Sawada and Satoshi Shimizutani, "How Do People Cope With Natural Disasters? Evidence from the Great Hanshin-Awaji (Kobe) Earthquake," Journal of Money, Credit, and Banking 40 (2-3), 463-488, 2008.
  • Yasuyuki Sawada and Michael Lokshin, "Obstacles to School Progression in Rural Pakistan: An Analysis of Gender and Sibling Rivalry Using Field Survey Data," Journal of Development Economics 88(2), 2009, pp. 335-347.

Recent/Ongoing Works

  • Yasuyuki Sawada and Jeong-Joon Lee, “Precautionary Saving under Liquidity Constraints: Evidence from Rural Pakistan,” forthcoming, Journal of Development Economics.
  • Hirokazu Ishise and Yasuyuki Sawada "Aggregate Returns to Social Capital: Estimates Based on the Augmented Augmented-Solow Model", forthcoming in Journal of Macroeconomics.
  • Yasuyuki Sawada, Kazumitsu Nawata, Masako Ii, and Jeong-Joon Lee, “Did the Financial Crisis in Japan Affect Household Welfare Seriously?” Previously titled: “Did the Credit Crunch in Japan Affect Household Welfare? An Augmented Euler Equation Approach Using Type 5 Tobit Model” CIRJE Discussion Papers F-Series CIRJE-F-498, CIRJE, Faculty of Economics, University of Tokyo, 2007.

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