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Yoshinori Shiozawa

Yoshinori Shiozawa

Research Category

Economics of Complexity, Evolutionary Economics, International Trade Theory, Economy of the Kansai Region

Area of Interest

social technology, social experiments, agent-based simulations, critical assessment of the basis of financial engineering, economy of cities

Recent Thoughts

My recent keyword is "social technology." It is a collection of useful knowledge and techniques which extend from social institutions to business models. If one tries to develop a social technique, human-sized tasks and problems come to be the object of social sciences in opposition to macroeconomics. Social experiments may become a powerful tool for social sciences and it may provide a new mode of social research. Viewed from this angle, we can observe already many various trials in different fields to develop and experiment social techniques.


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Recent/Ongoing Works

  • Shiozawa, Y. 2009 "Samuelson's Implicit Crticism against Sraffa and the Sraffians and Two Other Questions," The Kyoto Economic Reiew, 78(1) 9-37.

  • 塩沢由典2008「社会科学と社会技術」石黒武彦編『科学と人文系文化のクロスロード』萌書房、161-185.

  • 塩沢由典2007「社会科学における実験という方法」『同志社大学ヒューマン・セキュリテイ研究センター年報』4, 100-145.


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