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Fellows List

Masahiko Aoki

Comparative institutional analysis

Integration of the social sciences through a game theory framework

Stanford University, The Tokyo Foundation, Hitotsubashi University

Gerald Curtis

Japanese politics, comparative political parties

Japanese politics, comparative political parties, institutional analysis

Columbia University

Naotaka Fujii


Social Brain, Brain Machine Interface, Communication through virtual space

RIKEN Brain Science Institute

Yuuji Genda

Labor Economics

Japanese Labor Market, Youth Employment, and Hope Studies

Tokyo University

Tatsushi Genka

History of Medieval Canon Law

The role of St. Augastine in the making of classical canon law, The development of medieval canon law in the later half of the twelfth century, Textual criticism and edtion

Tokyo University

Takashi Hashimoto

Complex systems, evolutionary linguistics, cognitive science

Rule dynamics; the dynamics of institutional formation, maintenance, and change; origin and evolution of language

Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology

Herrmann-Pillath, Carsten

Evolutionary economics, Chinese economic studies

Development of a comprehensive evolutionary framework for institution analysis based on naturalism and its applications with a special focus on culture
Frankfurt School of Finance and Management

Eiko Ikegami

Comparative historical sociology

Theories of social change, sociology of culture, network theory

New School for Social Research (New York).

Kazuhito Ikeo


Japanese economy, comparative theory of financial systems, corporate governance

Keio University

Takenori Inoki

Theory of political processes and political systems

Labor economics, democracy and the market, public versus private

International Research Center for Japanese Studies

Katsuhito Iwai
Economic Theory, Legal Theory
Disequilibrium Dynamics, Ontology of Money, Theory of Corporation, Fiduciary Principles, Comparative Capitalistic System, History of Social Thoughts
Visiting Professor, International Christian University, and Specially Appointed Professor, Musashino University

Wei-Dong Ji

Sociology of law

Marketization and models for the rule of law, neo-proceduralist constitutional design, fundamentals of Chinese order and the court system

Shanghai Jiaotong Daxue

Masahiro Kami

Governance of medical system, Internal medicine (Hematology and oncology)

I investigate how citizens and medical professionals make consensus. I am especially interested in the role of media in the consensus building.
Institute of Medical Science, the University of Tokyo

Michihiro Kandori

Game Theory, Microeconomic Theory

Repeated Games and Cooperation, Market Design, Experimental/Behavioral Economics

Tokyo University

Mamoru Kaneko
Game Theory, Epistemic Logic, Social Justice
Inductive Game Theory, Complexity of Logical Inferences, Social Justice, Emergence of Social Institution, Analysis of Housing Markets by Market Equilibrium Theory
University of Tsukuba

Takehiko Kariya

Sociology of education, comparative sociology

Academic achievement and social class / mobility; transition from school to work; social effects of education policy; theories of social change in postwar Japan

Oxford University

Junko Kato

Political Science

Comparative Politics, Spatial modeling in politics/Geometric modeling in human cognition, Behavioral (and Social) Neuroscience

University of Tokyo

Sota Kato

Comparative political economy

Comparative theory of state-corporate relations, public opinion and political parties / economic policy, methodology of political science

Center for Global Communications, International University of Japan

Toshiji Kawagoe

Experimental economics

Bounded rationality, social norm, philosophy of science, philosophy of language, disability studies

Future University Hakodate

Keiichiro Kobayashi

Macroeconomics (theory)

Collateral constraint and business cycles, financial crises, changing industrial structure and income disparity

Research Institute of Economy, Trade, and Industry

Masaru Kohno

Political science

Theory of political processes and institutions, constitutionalism, methodology of the social sciences

Waseda University

Fuhito Kojima

Game theory, Market design

Matching, school choice system, voting behavior

Department of Economics, Stanford University

Ikuo Kume

Center for Global Communications, International University of Japan

Labor politics, interest group politics, analysis of political processes

Waseda University

Naoki Masuda

complex networks, mathematical biology, computational neuroscience

epidemic dynamics, evolution of cooperation, opinion formation, neuroeconomics

University of Tokyo

Akihiko Matsui

Game theory, economics

Disabilities, customs and norms , inductive game theory

Tokyo University

Hideaki Miyajima

Japanese economic theory, Japanese economic history

Corporate governance and corporate finance; the historical evolution of Japanese corporate systems; economic development and mergers and acquisitions

Waseda University

Cultural Anthropology; Economic Anthropology; Anthropology of Knowledge
Futurity and Hope; Theories of Gifts and Exchange; Anthropology of Finance
Associate Professor, Department of Anthropology, Cornell University

Motohiro Morishima

 Employment systems theory (Theory of human resource management)

(1) the relationship of corporate HRM and worker welfare to corporate performance
(2) HRM mechanisms as interdependent systems
(3) the relationship between organizational justice and HRM

Hitotsubashi Univeristy

Masaki Nakabayashi

Economic history, business history

Comparative institutional analysis, historical changes in governance of market transactions, historical changes in production organizations

Tokyo University

Yuuki Ohta


philosophy of language, philosophy of religion (hermeneutics, existentialism), philosophy of art, metaphilosophy

Oxford University

Hisashi Ohtsuki

Mathematical Biology

Evolutionary game theory, Evolution of Altruism, Evolution of Fairness, Social Behavior in Animals

Japan Science And Technology Agency, Tokyo Institute of Technology

Takehiro Ohya

Philosophy of Law

Objectiveness or Determinacy of Legal Interpretation, Transformation of Legal/Political Systems in the Information Age, Formation of ‘Person’ under Surveillance Society

Nagoya University

Tetsuji Okazaki

Economic history

Institutional and organizational economic history, comparative institutional analysis, economic development

Tokyo University

Tatsuyoshi Saijo

Institutional engineering, experimental social science

“Do Japanese people like to be spiteful?”; systems design in response to global warming; public goods supply theory and experiments; spiteful behavior at auctions; human behavioral analysis using fMRI

Osaka University

Keiko Sakai

Modern Middle Eastern politics, Iraqi politics

National unification in Iraq, nationalism, modern Islamic movements

Tokyo University of Foreign Studies

Yasuyuki Sawada

Development Economics; Applied Micro-Econometrics

Poverty, Official Development Assistance, Disaster Prevention

Tokyo University

Yoshinori Shiozawa

Economics of Complexity, Evolutionary Economics, International Trade Theory, Economy of the Kansai Region

social technology, social experiments, agent-based simulations, critical assessment of the basis of financial engineering, economy of cities
Chuo University

Ken Suzuki

Sociology of information

Social software, electronic monetary theory, computer-aided systems design

The Universe of Tokyo Graduate School of Arts and Science

Hirokazu Takizawa


Comparative institutional analysis, social norms, experience and language, Pragmatism

Chuo University, Tokyo Foundation

Akihisa Tamura

Mathematical Programming

Discrete Optimization, Discrete Convex Analysis, Game Theory

Keio University, Department of Mathematics

Jun Tani

Computational cognitive neuroscience

The higher order cognition, Brain, Robots


Kazuhiro Taniguchi

Strategic management, institutional economics

Comparative corporate governance, cognition and behavior, corporate boundaries and organizational architecture, comparative institutional analysis

Keio University

Koichi Taniguchi

Philosophy of law

The public sphere, Legisprudence, (suburban) communities and markets, finance and democracy

Tokyo Metropolitan University

Juro Teranishi

history of financial systems, Japanese economy

intermediate organizations at the interface of the state and the private sector; distributive conflicts and state- private sector in Africa ; the future of bank-centered financial system

Nihon University

Riina Toya

History (business, cultural, and social history), social psychology, branding research

Historical analysis of corporate image building, organizational characteristics of the fashion and cosmetics industry, corporations and society/culture, globalization and design, aesthetics and economics as convention,

International Research Center for Japanese Studies

Kotaru Tsuru


Comparative institutional analysis, organizational and institutional economics, political economics, law and economics

Research Institute of Economy, Trade and Industry; Keio University

Kazuhiro Ueda

Cognitive Science, Intelligent Informatics

Effect of individual creativity and social networks on innovation, Cognitive implication of embodiment in Japanese traditional performing arts, Cognitive basis of skill acquisition, Animacy perception

The University of Tokyo

Takashi Ui

game theory, microeconomics

financial markets under uncertainty with asymmetric information, game theory with non-expected utility, potential functions in game theory

Yokohama National University

Takahiro Watanabe

Game theory

Auctions (especially multi-object auctions), real options in competitive situations

Tokyo Metropolitan University

Kiichiro Yagi

History of economic thought, social economics

Unintended social consequences and institutional formation, civil society and governance theory, modern Japanese economic thought, European unification and East Asian regionalism

Setsunan University

Toshio Yamagishi

Social psychology, experimental social science

Psycho-institutional analysis, sociality of the mind, experimental social science

Hokkaido University

Kazuo Yamaguchi


Social statistics, work and family, economic and social inequality

University of Chicago

Yosuke Yasuda
Game theory, microeconomics

Market design, repeated games, microeconomic analysis of electronic money.

GRIPS (National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies)

Makoto Yokoo

Computer science

Mechanism design, artificial intelligence

Kyushu University

Yoo Byung-Kwang

Health economics, Health Policy

Economic evaluation of measures against influenza epidemic/pandemic, International comparison of health care systems

University of Rochester