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Melting Boundaries: Institutional Transformation in the Wider Europe


Editors: Kiichiro Yagi and Satoshi Mizobata

Published Date

Fri, 2008-02-01


Kyoto University Press and NUS Press Singapore


The transition of the former Eastern European countries from a planned to a market economy coincided with the eastward enlargement of the EU when they entered it in 2004 and 2007. Alongside the enlargement process, the EU moved to deepen integration by introducing a common currency and promoting labor mobility in the single market. The process of institutional transformation occurred both at the informal level and the formal level, both as an intended process and as an evolutionary process. Further, though the enlargement diminished the importance of the inner border of EU member countries, it created a new regional border against non-member countries. This book intends to combine the knowledge of actual situation of the EU enlargement with the task of elaborating on institutional transformation in the modern economy and developing a theoretical framework for its analysis.

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