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A Theory of Man that Creates Models of the World

Akihiko Matsui
Wed, 2007-08-01

The present paper proposes a theory of man that constructs a model of the world in societal situations where people interact with each other. The present theory takes experiences, or chunks of impressions, as primitives as opposed to an “objective” game. Based on direct and indirect experiences, an agent constructs a model. Each model consists of structural and factual parts. The structural part is represented as a game, while the factual part is represented as a strategy profile of this game. When constructing a model, the agent uses some axioms. Examples of the axioms that the agent might use are coherence, according to which he can explain his own experiences, consistency with a solution concept adopted by the agent, and simplicity with respect to some measure, again adopted by him. The present paper does not assume the existence of an “objective” game, and different agents may construct different models of the world.

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